Charles Houston Beaumont


Charles Houston Beaumont grew up fishing, hiking and traveling around his native South Cumberland Plateau. He attended the University of Chattanooga, where he earned a BS in Education. He currently works as a special education teacher in Grundy County, Tennessee, when not making art.

Charles' art is heavily influenced by his rural surroundings. "I am trying to capture the natural beauty and mountain culture I grew up with, as the influx of consumerism and development begin to redefine it." He looks to nature, old farms and barnyard animals for most of his inspiration, while the fish sculptures have risen from a lifetime of fishing.

In the spring of 2002, Charles worked in a small junkyard, where he started handling rusted tin and other decaying metals. This experience started him off on his exploration of rust. "Whenever possible, I like to use the patina and texture of the metal in the composition. Every piece of metal has a memory that I must work with to be successful," he says.


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